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The Fisherman's Daughter offers a variety of Gulf Coast seafood caught and prepared in Gulf Coast family tradition. We believe in traceable, sustainable seafood from ocean to table and encourage you to know your fisherman.

Our Gulf Coast pride is rooted deeply in all we do but particularly in our signature item, smoked mullet. The recipe, passed down from generation to generation, spans our family tree and excites us still.

Our mullet is wild-caught and lightly seasoned with a home made spice blend then smoked over natural wood for 4 to 6 hours, depending on the size and thickness of the fillets. 

Mullet, well known for its oily and flavorful meat, is also noted for its sustainability.  Producing a large number of offspring each year, mullet is able to withstand fishing pressure, remaining abundant across the Southeastern United States.

It is also the only fish with a gizzard, allowing it to filter out ocean impurities and toxins. The resultant flavor is rich and quite unique.

Our Story

The Fisherman's Daughter is Chanda Jamieson, daughter of commercial fisherman and crabber Robert Jamieson.

My family has fished and prepared Gulf Coast seafood for several generations. My parents (dad is pictured above with me and below with my brother) instilled in me from a young age a sense of family tradition and responsibility. They highlighted the beauty, the absolute wonder, of a life lived in reverence of the ocean.

Waking at 4AM to troll the waterways until daybreak. Tying the bow to a mangrove while the noon sun presents itself. Seeking out the day's catch beneath sun and shadow. 

The ocean offers sustenance as well as life, an earned living as well as magic.

It is our honor to catch and prepare these fish which have supported us for so many years. We think you'll love it just as much as we do. -Chanda